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The Pico is a new style of pre-amp that offers 


  • Studio sound quality
  • Maximum number of features
  • Incredibly small size




•Lightweight at just 5 ounces and only 7.29 cubic inches  (3.4”x1.95”x1.1”)

•Two Analog mic level preamps with switchable gain settings

•Accurate timecode generator(optional feature) with internal backup battery 

•Headphone monitoring with a return and 4 settings

•Professional feature set:  2 limiters, high pass filter, and 48 volt phantom power on channel A

•Low power consumption design, so it can easily be run off a camera or bag battery

•Quiet, warm, “studio quality” sound that offers clarity and detail to the audio (frequency response of 20 Hz to 50 kHz)

•“Reduced Clipping Design” with 28 dB of headroom in addition to the front end limiter

•Headphone output can be used for playback via the return input or as an additional output.

•Quick intuitive controls with rotary knobs and switches (great for “run and gun”)

•Alternate powering design so it can be powered from a USB power supply

•Durable aluminum chassis with locking connectors

•Optional camera mount that keeps the size small and easy to screw into any cheese-plate.

•Made in the USA with 2 year warranty

Papi Pico

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