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CaPre Operating Instructions 

At 2.8 cubic inches, the CaPre is a great little pre-amp for various situations. It is designed to fit on the smallest of cameras or in the smallest of sound bags. The CaPre does not provide phantom power since it is designed for alternate style situations such as internally powered mic’s. It is also designed to attached to a receiver which will provide control and additional gain. It has a maximum of 60 dB of gain with a rotary level control. A switch allows the user to switch between the high gain at 60 dB or moderate gain at 40 dB.


There are 2 versions of the CaPre:


CaPre 3.5mm uses a connector which is unbalanced. This 3.5mm version also has a TA5 output so that it will output 2 channels of audio. The 2nd channel can be used as a bracket channel.


CaPre TA3 uses a TA3 connector with a balanced input. It also has a TA3 output. This version is designed for many uses including some wireless systems which may need a little more gain or control.



CaPre Layout and Instructions


CaPre Power Unit ON/OFF switch - Shifting the switch to the left will power the unit OFF; and shifting right will power the unit ON. The LED illuminates when the unit is powered ON.


Rotary Level Knob - Rotating the knob counter clockwise reduces the level; rotating clockwise increases the level.


LED Indication - There are 4 LED indication lights located to the right of the control. They show how much output the CaPre is producing. The numbers above the LED’s denote the levels.


Other Design Features


Front End Filter


RF interference can be a problem and cause noise. A Front-end filter has been designed into the unit to reduce this possibility. 

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