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Products by Camera Compatibility

Choose the BOX that is right for you!


•FLEXbox - Supplies 1 channel of phantom power for shotgun mics.


•FLEXbox B - Combines 2 inputs into 1 output connector with switchable phantom power on each channel.


•Mini Papi - High end mic pre-amp with phantom power which produces a clean, and warm sound.  It also has many professional features such as rotary gain control, 2 limiters, high pass filter, and a bracket channel.


•Papi Pico - The Pico is a 2 Channel Microphone Pre-amp with monitoring.  Channel A is designed for shotgun mics.  It has phantom power and similar features to the Mini Papi.   Channel B is designed for wireless receivers or dynamic mic’s. There is a rotary volume control for headphones, along with 4 settings, and a return designed for play back listening.


•Pico Plus - This is a Papi Pico with a timecode generator.  The TC generator works with all types of cameras and equipment. It is very accurate,  and produces all standard frame rates.  




*Lightweight - Reduces weight distribution problems  (4.2 to 5.1 oz)

*Very small -  Fits in various locations on the camera or rig (7.4 cubic inches)

*Durable -  Milled Aluminum Shell

*Ultra quiet - Low self noise and no hum loops

*High End Quality - All are clean and quiet.

*Easy to Use while on the go - No menus

*Quick to mount - Attaches with 1/4-20 screws

*Flexible - Works on other cameras or situations

*Customizable - Optional connectors available

*Low power consumption design - Although most of our products need external power, the consumption is low. This allows them to run off of the camera battery with no additional battery (or battery weight) needed. (Exception - The FLEXbox is  internally powered with batteries)

*2 year warranty 

*Made in the USA

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