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1 - Limiter ON/OFF switch - If you shift the switch to the left, it will disable the limiter.  Shifting to the right will enable the limiter. The LED will illuminate when the limiter is working. The Peak LED will light about 2dB before clipping.

There are 2 limiters that have been designed into the Mini Papi to significantly reduce the possibility of clipping. The Front-end Limiter limits the signal early in the chain while the Back-end Limiter limits the output level from getting too high.

2 - Phantom Power ON/OFF switch - When you shift the switch to the left it will turn the Phantom Power OFF.  Shifting the switch to the right will turn Phantom Power ON and the LED will illuminate.

3 - Papi ON/OFF switch - Shifting the switch to the left will power the unit OFF; shifting right will turn the unit ON. The LED illuminates when the unit is powered ON.

4 - Output Attenuator - When the switch position is to the left, the output is at 0dBu when the “0” LED is illuminated.  Shifting the switch to the right reduces the output level by 20 dB (“0” LED refers to -20dBu).


The rule of thumb for audio is that the wider the dynamic range, the better the sound produced. For this reason, the Mini Papi was designed to have a wide dynamic range to give the end user ultimate control of the audio to avoid clipping. However a large dynamic range can cause complications when trying to use it with other devices that have not been designed to handle those levels. To avoid clipping in other devices, the Output Level can be changed from 0dB to -20dB. 

5 - Bass-Cut Control - The High Pass Filter (Bass Cut)  is continuously variable from OFF to 200 Hz at 12dB per octave. Rotating the knob fully counter-clockwise will effectively turn it OFF; rotating in a clockwise direction will increase the Bass-Cut.

Low frequency noise caused by wind, traffic, or machines can make the audio unusable. The Bass-Cut control allows this low-frequency noise to be reduced.   

6 - Rotary Gain knob - The Mini Papi has 72 dB of Gain with a range of 60dB. There are 4 LED indication lights located to the left of the Gain control.  They show how much output the Mini Papi is producing.  The numbers to the left of the LED’s denote the levels. Rotating the knob counter-clockwise reduces the Gain; rotating clockwise increases the Gain.

Setting gain is a trade off between signal output, noise, limiter action and headroom.  For normal operation the gain should be adjusted such that the 0 level LED lights occasionally and the -10 level LED is on most of the time.  With the limiter set to On the Mini Papi will work to keep the output level from getting too high into the device that the Mini Papi is connected to.  The input level of the connected device should be set as recommended by that manufacturer.

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