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papi PICO

2 Channel Microphone Pre-Amplifier with monitoring

optional timecode generator






 2 Channel Pre-Amp with monitoring and optional Timecode Generator


*Easy to set & use with our patented “EZ-Level” system 

*Small and Compact Size 

*Unrivaled Audio Clarity


  • At 5.1 ounces, the Pico is feather light and won’t throw off the balance of gimbals and drones.  It also has the footprint size of a credit card that is small enough to be mounted anywhere on your camera. (3.4”x1.98”x1.1”)

  • Compatible with all popular cameras (Arri, Red, Canon, Panasonic…)

  • Our patented “EZ-Level” system makes setting audio levels a breeze.   

  • Very accurate timecode generator (optional feature) with12 hour battery

  • Headphone monitoring with a return and 4 switchable settings

  • 2  high-end mic level preamps with a frequency response of 20 Hz to 50 kHz

  • Professional features: 2 limiters, high pass filter, & 48v phantom power (Ch A)

  • Low power consumption design that can run off camera battery or USB power supply.  (5v to 18v)

  • Quiet, warm, sound that offers clarity and detail to the audio.  It gives you that full, clear sound.

  • Headphone output can be used for playback (via return) or as another output

  • Quick to use  with rotary knobs and switches. (great for “run & gun”) 

  • Optional small camera mount

  • Durable aluminum chassis with locking connectors 

  • Made and serviced in the USA with 2 year warranty (2nd service center in the UK)


Introductory Pricing: 



       PRICE - $699 



    Pico T - (Timecode Version)      

       PRICE - $898 


**EZ-Level System

The EZ-Level system is part of our complete (ICE) system covered under Patent #13/842,428.  ICE stands for Intelligent Clipping Eliminator.



Camera Mount Option

This includes the  Pico mounting plate, (2) 1/4-20 screws, and screws to attach the camera mounting plate to the Pico. Price with the purchase of a Pico is $39.


Lemo power connector

A 2 pin Lemo power connector can replace the  Hirose for an additional $40.


Timecode Generator

The timecode generator is similar to the ones used on our Q series.  It works with all timecode devices and produces all standard frame rates.  It is accurate to better than 1 frame per 24 hour period. It has other an additional features (see timecode section in specs) including a Lemo connector.   JUST an additional $199!


High Gain Version

For some users the ability to have a lot of gain is a big advantage.  A high gain option that goes up to 80dB is available. This is an additional of $20.


Alexa Mini LF

A 6 pin Lemo version is available for the new Alexi Mini LF.  It is a special order.



Channels #                          2 Mic Level Channels

THD + Noise                        <0.005% @ 1 kHz

                                             30 kHz bandwidth

Dynamic Range                  110dB 

Frequency Response         20 Hz to 50 kHz (-1.0 dB)

Maximum Output Level     28 dBu


Maximum Input Level        -3 dBu

EIN                                       -128 dBu (A weighted)

Gain Settings Channel A   4 position switchable gain

                                            (34, 46, 58, 70)

Gain Settings Channel B  3 position switchable gain

                                            (16, 28, 40)

Maximum Gain                  80 dB (see high gain option)

Input Impedance               (XLR & TA3) 2K Ohm

High Pass Filter/               There are 3 switchable positions. 

   Basscut                           Off,  80 Hz or 160 Hz (Channel A)    

Level Controls                   Rotary infinitely variable

Input                                   Electronically balanced

Level Indication                 4 LEDs

                                            -10, 0, +10, and Peak





Frequency Response        20Hz to 50 kHz -1dB        

Monitoring Return             Yes (3.5mm connector)

Settings                              AB - Channel A in left ear & Channel B in right ear

                                            A -    Channel A only

                                            B -    Channel B only

                                            Join -  Channels A & B in both ears



Power                                 5v to 18v DC

Phantom Power                48 volts; channel A only

Phantom Power Current  > 10mA;  14mA shorted 

Headphone Power            134mW into 16 Ohms


Accuracy                            Better than 1 frame in 24 hours 


Frame rates                       23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 29.97DF, 30, 30DF


  • Cross-jams

  • Internal battery that lasts up to 12 hours

  • Variable level output so level can be adjusted

  • LED indication

  • “Show” feature that shows timecode in hours and minutes

  • Lemo connector for solid locking connection


Dimensions                       3.4” x 1.98” x 1.1”

Cubic Inches                      7.4

Weight                                5.1 oz or 1/3 of a pound

Audio Input Connectors    XLR-F for Channel A

                                            TA3-M for Channel B

                                            (note - see AVX version)

Audio Output Connector   TA5-M sends both channels A & B

Power Input Connector    Hirose is standard

                                            (2 Pin Lemo is $40 upgrade)


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