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New, lightweight 2-Channel Microphone Pre-Amp with Monitoring

The Cine-Pre is a new 2-Channel Microphone Pre-Amp with monitoring. It's also available with timecode!  At just 5 ounces and 6.5 cubic inches, it is designed to have all the quality and features of larger high end pre amps, but without the size or weight.  It is a 2 channel pre-amp with headphone monitoring, “EZ Gain Set Up,” high pass filter, limiter, rotary level controls, 4 switchable gain settings, phantom power on channel 1, and optional timecode generator.  Another exciting design feature is it’s low current consumption which means it can be run from an existing camera or bag battery so no additional weight is added.  The Cine-Pre is full of features, and yet it is so lightweight and small you will barely notice it is there.

At just 3” x 2” x 1”, the Cine-Pre footprint is easily compared to the size of a credit card. With its small size, it has been designed to fit on cameras, audio bags, etc... Shooters can be more easily mobile without having to worry about cables running to bulky mixers. But it’s not just the size, the Talon basically adds very little weight since it’s only 3 ounces. (note: optional camera mounting plate adds another ounce of weight).

Look How Small



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Easy Set Up and Easy to Use

In a fast moving environment, the Talon can be set up (no menus). 

It also is designed so

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High Fidelity Monitoring

Many users complain about the quality of the headphone amplifier in their Pre-Amp/Mixer. Not with the Talon as it uses the same high fidelity Mozegear design that is used in our Mongo headphone amp. It has output power of 160 mW into 16 ohms. The audio is clear with plenty of output for the user. No straining to hear, just good sound.




Incredible Audio Quality

What really differentiates the Talon is the quality of the sound in such a small footprint. The frequency response is very wide at 10Hz to 50kHz (+/- .05 dB) and it gives you plenty of headroom to work with.  It is also extremely quiet with an EIN of -130 dBv (A weighted). But to really appreciate the quality, you have to hear it. The Talon has a soft ,warm sound found it high end pre-amps. It also offers a rich sounding low end that gives our audio a full sound.


The audio quality is the primary feature of the Talon design. The Pre-Amp has a soft sound with a full rich low end. The frequency response is 10Hz to 50kHz (+/- 0.5 dB). It is very quiet with an EIN of of -130 dBv (A weighting).

It has a wide dynamic range along with an analog limiter which reduces the need to constantly monitor for possible clipping. The switchable high pass filter makes windy situations more manageable.  With a dynamic range of xxxxxx, it can be easily be compared to the best of pre- amps












Durable Milled Shell

The shell is made from durable milled aluminum that has bee anodized.

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Standard Connectors


All connectors are durable and can easily be

found. Input for channel 1 is a full XLR, Channel 2 is a mini XLR, powering can be done through a 2 pin Lemo or Hirose connector. Both channels output through a TA5 and the timecode generator used a standard 5 Pin Lemo.

Optional Camera Mounting Plate with 1/4-20 screw

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