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The Mini Papi is a professional microphone pre-amplifier that measures in at just 4.2 cubic inches.  Even though it is small, it is equipped with many features that can only be found on high-end pre-amps.  Overall it gives the user maximum control with excellent audio quality.


Key Features:

  • Tiny size at 4.2 cubic inches (2.5" x 0.8" x 2.1") 

  • Weight just 4 oz

  • Professional pre-amp sound with full 74dB of gain with 65dB of range  

  • Very quiet floor with noise at -128dBu (-130dBv) A weighted at full gain

  • Rotary controlled & continuously variable low-cut filter --  great for reducing wind noise (from OFF to 160Hz)

  • There are 2 limiters which make it hard to clip (Front-end limiter and Back-end limiter) 

  • Full 48-volt phantom power with On/Off switch and LED indication

  • Isolated Power Supply

  • Two channel output via TA5 which supplies both a main channel and a bracket channel

  • Output level indication by 4 LED lights

  • Switchable output attenuator  0dB or -20dB

  • Power On/Off switch with LED indication

  • Front-end filter to reduce RF interference 

  • 2 pin Lemo input power connector

  • Alternative power source can be used via micro USB

  • Locking connectors to keep your cables secure

  • Power from 5-18 volts

  • Durable with an aluminum chassis

  • Includes camera mount 

  • Limited 2-year Warranty

  • Designed, made and serviced in USA 

PAPI KIT (Alexa Version)- Microphone Pre-Amp (2-pin Lemo & TA5

  • Kit Includes: 


    *Mini Papi Microphone Pre-Amp

    *Free 2 Pin Lemo power upgrade

    *Camera Mount (1/4-20 slot)

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