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The Papi Lite is the size of the Mini Paps with a simpler feature set.  It is great for all cameras.

Key Features:

  • Very small and lightweight at only 4.2 cubic inches and 5.5 ounces


  • High Gain Pre-Amp Design

     -74 dB of gain

     -Frequency response 20Hz to 50 kHz  -1db

     -28dB of headroom

  • 48-volt Phantom Power

  • Isolated Power Supply

  • Durable Build Quality with Metal Chassis

  • Second channel output to use as a bracket channel

     (on Camera option)

  • Attachable slot mount (optional)


  • 2-year Warranty


  • Designed, made and serviced in USA (Irvine, CA)

Papi Lite

Microphone Pre-Amplifier

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