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Phantom Power Supply

The FLEXbox is a quiet, small, and lightweight solution that will easily fit into an audio bag, on a boompole, on a camera or almost anywhere!

FLEXbox Highlights


  • LED battery indicator

  • Durable Milled Aluminum Shell

  • Dimensions just 3.4 x 1.98 x 1.1

  • Extremely lightweight at 4.5 ounces (5.7 with batteries)

  • Standard connectors; XLR input and TA3 output

  • Full day battery life (about 15 hours, depending on the microphone used)

  • Powered by 2 standard NP50 rechargeable batteries

  • Optional Camera mounting plate to easily attach to any cheese plate


Learn more about the FLEXbox by watching this video

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